3D Mapping / Surveying


A faster and safer solution to surveying

Our software combines thousands of aerial UAV imagery to provide the ultimate surveying tool. 

Compared to traditional technology that is labor, skill, and cost intensive, mapping of construction sites, open-pit mines, quarries, and pits with orthomosaics, DSMs and point clouds acquired from UAV or airborn imagery add to safety, efficiency, and accuracy.


With Our UAS's built in RTK and RTK Ground points we can achieve centimeter-accurate data. 


Surveying a job site with a drone can be done in minutes instead of hours. Cut down labor costs and the risk of injury. Take inventory of Stock piles and view progress reports from 3D models.


Now you can survey those hard to reach places without having the risk of having to physically survey and save valuable time. Measure stock piles in 1/4 the time and effort.

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Questions? Drop us a line!

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